Build-Your-Own Gypsy Caravan

The American Gypsy Caravan may be built by either using the plans and instructions provided in this book to build one from scratch, or by purchasing a kit . Full scale paper templates for the end panels , door and shutter may be purchased from Vardos to aid in the construction of a Caravan “from scratch.  

The kits are the easiest and most economical way of obtaining a caravan. Typically, the basic kit can be assembled in 20 to 40 hours, although more additional time may be required for finishing, decoration and  additional accessories. 

Vardoo Kits 

The Vardo Kit comes with most of the essential pieces of the Caravan. The kit will be available as several packages:

  Basic Package - This package contains the essential parts which are either difficult to fabricate or to obtain and include the CNC  cut end panels,king posts, door, shutter and bows.

Enhanced package - This package includes  the runners, and trim members.

Hardware package - All of the hardware, including screws, hinges, hasps, and locks are included in this package.

Builder Supplied Materials

In order to keep the costs as low as possible by reducing shipping costs the kit builder will be required to supply the following commonly available materials:

Caulk - High quality -paintable - 2 tubes

Construction Adhesive -2 tubes

Base Ends and Sides 1” x12” x 8ft. (3)

Floor (4’ x 8’ , 3/4” plywood) 

4’ x 8’ Utility Trailer, 

Trailer Mounting Hardware (1/4” bolts, nuts and lock washers)

Tools Required

Enhanced kit 

Only simple tools are required for assembly of enhanced kit. These include:

Power Screw Driver or Electric Drill with driver bit

1/4”   and 1/8” drill bit for metal and wood

Square Stapler

Caulking gun Utility Knife

Tape Measure

Basic Kit

Simple woodworking tools are required to make the slots at the ends of the runners , drill pilot holes and cut the individual pieces to the proper length. Some of the tools that may be required include:

Table Saw  or electric hand saw, router(optional)


Tape Measure and square


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